One of the common cases of using vizrt is videowall. Often the outputs have non-standart proportion. Videowall in TV studio is a custom product constructed from several panels or blocks. So if you need to create a graphic for videowall you have to organize the workflow of creating graphic templates.

The main parameter of proportion in vizrt is "Aspect". For example 16:9 = 1.777(7)

For example composite videowall with 6 standard 16:9 panels, three columns and two rows.

16:9 | 16:9 | 16:9 16:9 | 16:9 | 16:9

Total aspect is (16*3):(9*2) = 48:18 = 2.666(6)

Seting up custom aspect

For convenient workflow you have to change the setting:

If you are creating not only one format you can copy config and shortcut for launching Artist with different config.

Creating scene in new config Artist:

Using custom scene with standard license Engine

In onair we use standart VizEngine and VizTrio for videowall:

These Engines are configured with standard aspect 1.777(7) because of 16:9. Our scene doesn't work properly if scenes have set "Camera Aspect = Config." We must change aspect in the scene to "User" with a certain number.

This scene setting overrides config.