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Parse JSON string and provide functions for data retrieving by object path like in JavaScript object.

Disclaimer: this beta is a very non-optimized code!

This code supports just simple set of functionality.

Interface description (test mode)

To test JSON path — put JSON text into the script interface and set output value to text geometry of this container.

Set Test input mode to enable test input mode and show textarea for test input.

Fill JSON path to get value from any type of input (test or SHM). And, use the result for text geometry or SHM variable.

Set Test output mode (to text) to output the result to the text geometry of the current container.

Push Parse to convert input text to virtual JSON structure and (optionally) get the result by JSON path. After this you can use this structure to get value by any another JSON path (inner script function).

There are available functions:

  • sub-objects and values, example: city.coord.lon
  • get array value, example: current.list[1] is the first value, current.list[-1] is the last value
  • get array values, example: data.names[]
  • get array sub-values, example: current.list[].humidity gives array of humidities
  • get elements count of array, example: current.list.count()

Interface description

For working mode you can fill only SHM input name just to get input JSON text.

If you want only one value — you can define JSON path and SHM output name to push the result value into SHM variable.

How to use

In this beta version you can retrieve information from JSON virtual object by JSON path string.

Example for one value:

Dim c_parser As Container = Scene.FindContainer("json_parser")
Dim posX as Double = (Double)c_parser.Script.GetValueOfCurrentByPath("steps[1].points[2].positionX")

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