Hi, my name is Dmitry Dudin and I’m a real-time designer and script writher.

I've prepared for you Vizrt scripts used and tested in real projects. Feel free to [use OR rewrite OR expand AND combine] them!

If you need an advice or something custom you know how to  find me ;)

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Copy and link part of scene tree. The target sub-tree will be controlled by source sub-tree.

Works like regular Omo plugin. But it switches by the current time. You can define many periods.

Analogue of original Vizrt Temo plugin, only for Viz4 fusion material. Work as a traditional sprites pleer.


Random scale

Provide smoothly random container scaling. Better than “heartbeat” plugin.


Random rotation

Provide smoothly random container position. Better than “heartbeat” plugin.


Random position

Provide smoothly random container position.

Works like regular Omo plugin. But it switches plugins active.


Page Scroll

Scrolling content within a gabarit. Like webpage in browser window.


Multi Follow

Alternative of standard Autofollow plugin. Can smart follows to several targets.

Parse JSON string and provide functions for data retrieving by object path like in JavaScript object.


Flex Box

Automatic alignment of containers within a certain area. Like CSS FlexBox in Web.

Get and distribute data from Excel by DataReader plugin from DataPool.

Alternative to original TextBg. Change size without changing position. Works with childs and by path.


Array to lines

Script for aesthetic arrangements of containers in lines

Spread animations into directors by child containers names.

Select container with animation of position, rotation, scaling and/or alpha. Absolute and relative.

Controls alpha value corresponding the distance from the current camera to the object.

Controls alpha value by the angle between central ray from current camera and local axis of the object.

Scripts for manual transferring animation from Adobe After Effects to Vizrt.

Script for stretching texture with saving quality of borders and corners.