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Alternative of standard Autofollow plugin. Can smart follows to several targets.

Interface description

Follow axis defines which axis will be controlled in order to position this container.

Direction controls which align will be applied. By left edge, by the center, by right edge.

X-pos if self empty or Y-pos if self empty define the position when this container is empty and has zero bounding box. Useful to avoid blinking effect.

X-pos default or Y-pos default define the position of this container when target containers are gone. I mean, when the target has zero bounding box (disappear).

Container 1, Container 2, ... define observed target containers which will be followed by this container. You can change the count inside the script by changing the quantity_of_container variable at the beginning of the script.

If you have tried to use standard Autofollow plugin you already know its limits.

What I do not like in standard Autofollow:

  • It is working properly only in one space coordinates, it's inside one common parent. And I want to get a result in global coordinates, independently from local scales.
  • Working properly only with scale = 1.
  • Every time I need to reinvestigate how it works! It just annoys me.
  • Stays in the previous position when the target container gets invisible. I need some defined position in this case.
  • Does not consider invisible object by scaling! If an object is hidden - it’s ok. But if Object is scaled to 0 — it stays active and visible for standard Autofollow.
  • For the reason above I can’t autofollow to several containers. I want to consider only visible (by visually) objects. If an object is smaller than a pixel I want to mark it as invisible and exclude from autofollow.
  • Only sharp autofollow, without any inertia. I want to see the natural move of following as it looks pretty nice on the screen.
  • Always consider the self size. I want to autofollow only pivot point for independent animation of appearing.

Compare standard and my Autofollow:

To change observing containers count, overwrite this setting:

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