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Analogue of original Vizrt Temo plugin, only for Viz4 fusion material. Work as a traditional sprites pleer.

Interface description

Viz version allows you to choose what is changed by this script. Viz 3 change legacy texture plugin. Viz 4 change texture params into fusion material.

Numbers of tiles (vertical and horizontal) cuts the image as much as it has frames accordingly.

Selection mode gives classic number mode where you change the index of the frame, name where you can name each cell and show by name, without index.

Main axis works only with number mode. It changes the direction of the calculation order. "X" is the classic one.

Show tile number works only with number mode. It is a cell selector.

Crop X / Crop Y define how much we cut each cell in the percentage of the size.

Lock crop allows you conveniently change crop X and Y by one number.

I've created this script as an analogue of original Vizrt build-in plugin "Temo". But only for Viz4 fusion material. It implements the classic "sprite" technique for graphics engines.

Disclaimer: This script changes texture scaling and position via "SendCommand" function. I know that it isn't a good way, but for the current VizArtist 4.2 version, it's a single option to do this, unfortunately. If Vizrt developers will allow changing these parameters via normal script object — I'll upgrade my script this accordingly.

I did not repeat only the standard behavior of Temo. Also, I implement a few my improving ideas:

  1. Now, you can change "main axis". For some sprite images it's more convenient to count cells from top to bottom, and only after that count from left to right.

    Example, where the main axis is "Y":
  2. I added the ability to name every single cell. So, you can use scripts much more flexible way. Forget about indexes, now you can use names!

    For example, you can add a new cell (change image) in your pictures without problem with rebuilding indexes — just add a new row and name them. You can send an obvious name an instead strange number from Pilot/Trio template. For another example — create sprite images with social networks and set it by name. And now, you can send "facebook" instead strange "2" (or "1", or "5", ...).

    This "name" approach allows you: a) reduce your scene tree, use only one container instead Omo plugin with a many sub-containers, and it's easier to handle one single material; b) manage your icons set more convenient way, all frames will be on one screen; c) have a nice debug helper for Pilot template and for VizEngine console.
  3. I added cropping ;) Now, you can leave a grid on the image, and just crop it in your scene. Also, you can add a title for each "frame" for convenient using. Take a look at my example with weather icons.

    For example:

After adding these improvements I decided to make "Viz 3" mode :)

"Name" mode

Here you find two different fields.

Names allow you to give names to all cells. Rows are separated by "new line". Columns are separated by "|" char.

Show name is a cell selector. Like "Show tile number" but only by a string.

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